Telematics Services in Hybrid Networks


Traffic- or media-related information may be delivered to (and from) cars and/or drivers in many different ways and via various communication or distribution systems. This cooperation with partner BMW AG focuses on a hybrid network in which different classes of messages with specific quality-of-service (QoS) requirements are transmitted to cars either via a broadcast or a point-to-point channel, more specifically either via the DAB system (Digital Audio Broadcasting) or via GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). For example, urgent traffic control messages need to be received with tightly bounded delays, whereas some media streams are more sensitive to jitter (i.e., variability of interarrival times). On the other hand, only a limited capacity of the DAB broadcasting caroussel might be contracted for a fixed cost, while overflow traffic must be delivered by GSM services causing additional expenses.
Detailed simulation models as well as compact analytical models are developed to determine the minimal cost for meeting the QoS requirements in such hybrid networks.


    2004-01-01 – 2006-06-30



  • BMW AG (Munich)

Mitwirkende Institutionen

  • Science of Traffic Policy, Traffic Technology (EW-1, BMW)
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