Simulation and Modeling 2



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  • Do 16:15-17:45, Raum 04.137

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  • WPF CE-MA-INF ab Sem. 8
  • WPF INF-BA ab Sem. 4
  • WPF INF-MA ab Sem. 1
  • WPF IuK-MA-KN-INF ab Sem. 1
  • WPF IuK-MA-REA-INF ab Sem. 1
  • WPF MB-MA-FG13 ab Sem. 1



Simulation and Modeling II




The class is project-oriented: participants conduct one larger simulation project in a team (3-4 students). The simulation project covers all typical phases including project planning, requirements analysis, data collection, input modeling, conceptual modeling, verification, validation, simulation runs, output analysis, result presentation and documentation. The lecture covers:
- simulation project management, presentation, and documentation techniques
- detailed simulation project case studies,
- advanced topics in simulation such as variance reduction techniques, rare event simulation, parallel and distributed simulation, standards-based simulation, and combination of simulation with testing.
The project teams also present their results in the lectures. The exercises are used for team meetings. Implementations, simulation runs, etc. can be performed on computing facilities of the Computer Science 7 Group with commercial/academic simulation packages (e.g., AnyLogic/OMneT++/ns-3/SimTAny) in reserved computer hours. Possible projects encompass but are not restricted to: elevators, university canteen (Mensa), crossing with traffic lights, gas station, supermarket, hospital emergency reception, flexible manufacturing system, houses or neighborhood with renewable energy systems, battery powered devices. Own project ideas are possible and welcome.

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