Zwischenvortrag 09. Juli 2024, Michael Heine (Betreuer Al Sardy)

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 A Social-aware Software Stack for an Autonomous Driving Wheelchair

Mobile robotics technology provides new possibilities for supporting individuals with mobility restrictions and address the issue of inadequate care. Navigation systems for individuals should consider the comfort of both bystanders and passengers. To address this, FAPS is conducting research on person navigation systems using an intelligent wheelchair.

The objective of this thesis is to develop a social navigation stack for an autonomous wheelchair. The project aims to implement social navigation approaches for mobile robots in the autonomous wheelchair, which will be extended to include social factors for the passenger.

The work includes the following focal points:

  • Literature research on the navigation of intelligent wheelchairs
  • Implementation of a SLAM algorithm for indoor localization
  • Implementation of a classical navigation stack
  • Implementation of a person detection system
  • Implementation of a tracking algorithm to track the detected people
  • Implementation of a social navigation algorithm, for example by considering social distancing (proxemics)
  • Evaluation of the autonomous navigation at the FAPS chair
  • Evaluation of the people tracking algorithm with regard to its robustness
  • Evaluation of social acceptance based on metrics from the literature
  • Creation of a structured manual to present the development and documentation of the developed software

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