Kolloquiumsvortrag 18. Mai 2021, Kevin Hollweg

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„Over-the-air update solutions for future In-Car infotainment environments“

Modem day software is a complex and fast evolving matter and because of this, it is often impossible for software to be perfect from the get-go. Updates are needed to increase the security, keep it up-to-date by performance improvements or addition of new features. The possibility to update software systems remotely, or Over-the-Air, eases this vital aspect of modern software. Thereby offering OTA functionality is also in the automotive sector an important topic, and almost all big OEMs are already offering or are currently working on developing OTA solutions. But as the needed development effort, is enormousness, a complete new development is economical not feasible for small series OEMs. This thesis will present an OTA solution that is build on top of the existing Continental IIP infotainment platform and backend software provided by Elektrobit. This keeps the system modular, easily extendable and as well the development costs moderate, to be feasible for smaller OEMs. Our solution is offering an OTA master, that supports self updates of ECUs, and also supports updates on other ECUs, that don’t implement such a self update mechanism. To demonstrate the OTA functionality, we implemented an self update mechanism on our IIP infotainment system. This system is also offering an HMI interface for driver interaction to control the OTA update process. In the last chapter of this thesis our solution is compared to the OTA mechanism Tesla is using to update Model S vehicles. Tesla was chosen for comparison, as it is a big volumes OEM, that offers full OTA functionality, so it can be shown, which adaptations are needed, to implement an OTA solution for small volumes OEMs.


Zeit: 10:15 Uhr

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