Kolloquiumsvortrag 22. Dezember 2020, Arindam Chakraborty

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Performance evaluation and Design optimization of a HiL Simulator for AD-System Validation

Advanced computing and communication systems are the backbone of scientific and industrial progress. With these systems growing in complexity, there is a need for better understanding of system performance criteria and bottleneck management for optimal performance of these systems. This is the motivation behind this work.
The primary goal of this work is to identify tools and methods to evaluate a proprietary HiL system and locate key performance bottlenecks. For this, initially we identified analytic, software and hardware tools for system evaluation, which includes System emulation and simulation tools. Then we started our analysis by modelling the communication protocols and the transport and network layer. Then after thorough analysis we moved to the application layer.
Our evaluation of TCP and the communication link focused on throughput improvement by optimizing various operational parameters such as optimal send queue length, optimal congestion window size, etc. The worst-case delay scenarios are investigated and possible resolutions, such as pre buffering, are considered.
Our findings suggest that, even though not the most suitable choice for real time communication, TCP is still a strong candidate and cannot be considered the primary performance bottleneck. We identified the application layer to be primary reason for performance issues.


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