Kolloquiumsvortrag 15. Dezember 2020, Stephan Geisler

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Evaluation of the IETF QUIC Transport Protocol over Satellite

QUIC is a new transport protocol on top of UDP. It aims to improve on TCP and eventually replace it. At the time of writing, QUIC is not yet standardized and many different implementations exist. QUIC has not been optimized for satellite connections and unlike in TCP, Performance Enhancing Proxies (PEPs) can’t be used. We compare the performance of three QUIC implementations (ngtcp2, quicly and picoquic) via satellite links, focusing on the transmission duration. We use two real satellite links and one emulated link (Dummynet). Measurements are done without and with 1 % artificial packet loss. We investigate how ngtcp2 and quicly have evolved compared to their earlier versions and cover the behavior of picoquic in more detail, considering Congestion Window Size, Pacing Rate, Goodput and Round Trip Time (RTT). We show that the behavior of quicly didn’t change much, while the performance of ngtcp2 is worse compared to its earlier version. Picoquic performs better than ngtcp2 and quicly, except with one operator, where it shows unreliable transmission behavior. We conclude that the choice of QUIC implementation, satellite operator and the combination of both can have a huge influence on the QUIC performance via satellite links.


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