Kolloquiumsvortrag 28. April 2020, Maximilian Vogel

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Configuring Time-Triggered and Credit Based Shaper Queues using Network Calculus


Industrial communications systems require networks which are able to guaranty
different timing demands to multiple traffic types. While today’s state of the art
contains a lot of proprietary and expensive solutions the IEEE is in the process of
standardizing real-time traffic in Ethernet to satisfy these demands. So far many
work has already been done and is collected in multiple standards of the Time
Sensitive Networking (TSN) task group. In this thesis we are going to create a
procedure to schedule traffic flows with different priority classes. We want to be
able to handle Time-Triggered (TT) traffic, Audio-Video-Bridging (AVB) traffic as
well as Best Effort (BE) traffic. For that we use a TSN architecture with a Credit
Based Shaper (CBS) and a Time Aware Shaper (TAS). The delay calculation is based
on the Network Calculus (NC) framework. Our architecture will get a set of flows
and will try to schedule as much flows as possible, while always guaranteeing the
timing demands of the planned flows. For this we want to calculate the idle slopes
for the CBS for each bridge in the network separately. Finally, we want to evaluate
the performance of this architecture in terms of schedulability and compare it to idle
slopes which are suggested in the standard.


Ort: Raum 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen

Zeit: 10:15 Uhr