Kolloquiumsvortrag: 25. Februar 2020, Tobias Schmidt

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Evaluation of Multipath QUIC for Satellite Internet

Satellite communication enables the possibility to provide broadband internet access in areas, in which the internet infrastructure is not fully developed. Since geostationary satellites are located far away from earth, there are high propagation delays. These propagation delays reach multiple hundreds of milliseconds. The combination of satellite connection, which provides a high data rate but also a high delay, with a rural DSL connection, which provides a low data rate and a low delay, could provide better user experience by improving interactivity and responsiveness. The transport layer has protocols, which enables the usage of multiple paths inside a network. An example of such a protocol is MPTCP. In recent years a new network protocol, called QUIC gained more and more interest. Currently, an extension is developed, which enables QUIC the usage of multiple paths, called MPQUIC. The first implementation of MPQUIC was released some years ago. During the thesis, a new version of MPQUIC was developed, based on the changes in the previous MPQUIC version. Both MPQUIC versions are compared in different scenarios. The obtained results are then compared with the results of different available network protocols. The evaluation of the network protocols was done with an emulation environment and a testbed setup. The thesis shows, on the one hand, the different performances for the network protocols. On the other hand, it points out influences that have a major impact on the different results. Some of them are the scheduler, the congestion control and the initial path in the network.


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