Kolloquiumsvortrag: 28. Januar 2020, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo R. Krieger, Professur für Informatik – insbesondere Kommunikationsdienste, Telekommunikationssysteme und Rechnernetze, Univ. Bamberg

Integration of Fog Computing and Blockchain Technology: Concepts, Prototypes, and Performance Modeling


Considering rapidly evolving Internet-of-Things services such as smart buildings,  smart homes or secure e-health  applications, the fog computing concept  provides  a technical basis for  innovative application scenarios of the blockchain technology.

First we present an overview on some concepts to integrate fog computing and blockchain technology. Then we illustrate such an approach by an enhancement of  the  fog computing  architecture HCL-BaFog that may be used to collect and  securely share  sensor data. The  latter may arise from private IoT applications such as  ambient assisted living which incorporate the need of an immutable, local storage and   a sharing  of protected real-time sensor data  monitored at patients‘ or  people’s homes. Our proof-of-concept employs the fully virtualized  functionality of a permissioned blockchain and a network of  fog computing nodes. It utilizes the  container orchestration and management system Docker and the MultiChain framework.

Finally, we discuss some initial performance modeling of the basic dissemination and commitment processes of blocks among the mining fog nodes in the underlying peer-to-peer network.of the employed permissioned blockchain. We propose a Markovian non-purging (n,k)-fork-join  queueing model to analyze the delay metric of the  synchronization process among these miner nodes that apply   a vote-based consensus procedure.

An outlook on the evolution and efficient integration of fog computing and blockchain technology and the performance analysis  of related systems concludes the presentation.


Ort: Raum 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen

Zeit: 10:15 Uhr